BattyBigSister: Stories & Art

"like a bad penny, I always turn up again"

So I write...

Some Areas Of This Site Are More Or Less Permenantly Under Construction.

(I edit them as I go along.) 

Hello and welcome to my new website, replacing my old one which I lost when Yahoo Geocities decided they weren't doing free websites anymore.

Here you can find links to all my stories (fanfiction and original) and hopefully you'll eventually be able to find custom character data and artwork on those stories as well as little 'rants' of mine about random topics, all on this site, assuming you're interested in that kind of thing.

 For the moment I'm only providing you with links back to the sites the stories are actually hosted on ( and; wonderful websites with which I am in no way affiliated beyond having accounts there), until I see a real need to do otherwise. So you can read and review to your hearts content (whether you have an account there yourself or not), but check back here for extra info on the stories & characters, possible updates on my writing progress, artwork and other things which I cannot provide you with on site.